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The Black Administrators in Child Welfare, Inc. has partnered with Thriving Families, Safer Children, in order to ensure that Black children are centered in the overall strategy.  Specifically (as cited by the Children’s Bureau on their website), the “Children’s Bureau, Casey Family Programs, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and Prevent Child Abuse America have joined with parents, youth, and community organizations in their new initiative called, Thriving Families, Safer Children: A National Commitment to Well-Being. The goal of this partnership, which spans the public, private, and philanthropic sectors, is to assist jurisdictions in creating a more just and equitable child and family well-being system that benefits all children and families and breaks harmful intergenerational cycles of trauma and poverty.”

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 Leadership Development Training 

BACW’s new Leadership Development Program mentors, trains and prepares interested members for leadership roles within the child welfare area and helps place them in key positions throughout the country.

For more information, contact the BACW at (202) 783-3714,, or

 Cultural Competence Curriculum 

African American children and their families are in crisis in the child welfare system of the United States. The nation’s history of segregation, racial, and cultural bias, negative stereotypes, and exclusion of minorities poses a special challenge to view each child and family in a framework that encompasses the political, social, economic, cultural, and spiritual experience that shapes their identity and behavior.

In an effort to address this problem, BACW offers A Journey Towards Cultural Competence, a four-day training seminar that explores the dynamics of cultural diversity, including cross-cultural communication and encounters, your knowledge level of cultural diversity, and specific skills in cultural competence. The journey begins with the awareness and appreciation of diversity. It begins with each of us, as we work to make a difference.

These seminar are designed to be delivered to small groups of 15-25 employees and can be presented in its entirety or as separate modules, depending on your needs. To receive additional information, contact the BACW at (202) 783-3714, e-mail:, or

  Human Services Management Seminar 


This seminar is designed to provide beginning and mid-level staff with a practical framework for managing human service programs and agencies. Emphasis is placed on developing good management techniques, leadership development, team building, understanding budgets and building relationships. Technical and management consulting services are also provided to assist managers and other key staff in delivering and implementing efficient and effective management practices for delivering human services in public or private agencies and organizations. These areas include the following:

Long range or strategic plans

Program and policy analyses

Program development and evaluations

Community needs assessments

Information systems management for human service programs

Reorganization and restructuring of agency programs and services

Organizational development General consulting support with other ongoing management functions as determined

Services can be provided on a project-specific basis or through technical assistance provided to facilitate management in assessing the problems and making the appropriate changes. Special training can also include instructions for handling similar problems or issues that may develop in the future. Follow-up reviews and analysis can be provided to determine the extent to which the implemented changes have achieved the outcomes.

Fees: To be determined based upon the work to be performed. For more information, contact the BACW at (202) 783-3714,, or

Other-Race Foster/Adoptive
 Caregivers Training 


The BACW is proud to offer a new, progressive, and comprehensive training and support seminar for Other-Race, Foster/Adoptive Caregivers of African American Children in the Child Welfare System. The training was created in response to the significant increase of children of color in foster and adoptive placements with caregivers of different racial or cultural backgrounds. This training seminar addresses some of the issues and challenges that inevitably arise in these placements.

Training topics include:

Conflict management between foster/adoptive parent, biological family, and workers

The importance of family connections for black children

Child welfare laws including MEPA, IEPA

Standards for raising other people’s children

Birth connections; the importance of foster/adoptive parents working with birth parents

The elephant in the living room, race, and the importance of open communication

Survival skills for black children and teens Black identify development, black pride and self-esteem

Self protective mechanisms in society

Black hair and skin care Is love enough?

Is love enough? Black children being raised by other-race parents

Cultural bonding and community connections

Cross-cultural communication and conflict Differential physical/psychosocial development of black children

Raising black male children

 To receive additional information about this training, complete our secure online training form. BACW also offers Cultural Competence Training, a comprehensive Cultural Competence Assessment of your agency, Human Services Management and Leadership Development.

Fees: To be determined based upon the work to be performed. For more information, contact the BACW at (202) 783-3714,, or



Black Administrators of Child Welfare’s (BACW) Racial Equity Strategy Areas (RESA) were first published in 2011 to provide guidance to promote equity for Black/African American children and families. It has been ten years since the initial launch of the RESA, and there is more recognition of disproportionality and disparities that Black/African Americans face in child welfare and related systems. 

Thriving Families 


We will be releasing major updates on Thriving Families in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information shortly.

Episode 61: Thriving Families, Safer Children - A National Commitment to Well-Being, Part 1

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